Good quality instruments not only sound great, but are a joy to play and to own. We are fortunate in owning some top instruments which give us - and hopefully the audience, tremendous pleasure.

Donald’s fiddle is a superb Guarneri del Gesu copy by Ewen Thomson (Shetland) and his bows are by Hill and Arcus. He also plays a 10 string large-bodied mandola (also sometimes known as a cittern) hand made by Stefan Sobell from Northumberland.

Laurie also plays a Stefan Sobell instrument - his Cocobolo 'Model One Sicilian' guitar has fantastic tone, sustain and projection. Laurie also owns a Takamine pro series parlour guitar, a Walden Baritone, a Taylor T5 custom semi-acoustic, and a Fender Telecaster (the latter not generally used in the band)!

Andrew plays Scottish small pipes; three sets in the keys of A, C and D, made by John Rutzen (D chanter by Ian Kinnear). He also has a collection of whistles by Michael Burke, John Sindt and Generation.